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 My sister is one of the nicest, most thoughtful people on the planet. I genuinely don't understand why the Sunnydale Police Department seems intent on causing her grief. Is it because of the late Principal Snyder? Is it because of Angel, and what he did to Michael's house? 

Forgive me, because at some point, I'm sure I will digress into undignified fury within this post, but if anyone in this town had the least bit of sense, you would realize that my sister was in one stationary place that morning -- she had study hall. With as quickly as the fire happened, it would have been somewhat impossible, lest Buffy have developed super-human qualities and abilities, for her to have set a fire that would have taken out nearly fifty percent of the school in under thirty minutes. Needless to say, I highly doubt that Buffy would have set a fire and trapped everyone she loved inside of that building. She and I have our problems, just like any sisters do, but she would never have put me into a position where my life was threatened, and for anyone -- ANYONE, least of all the embarrassment of a police department that this town so unfortunately has to rely on -- to indicate otherwise is a complete and total affront to her character. There were eighth graders visiting the campus that day, not to mention that our youngest sister, Buffy's boyfriend, and several of our friends were within the building at the time the fire occurred. Perhaps the SPD would find it infinitely more logical to go searching for something that would have caused a fire of that magnitude to spread so quickly and so dangerously in the middle of the day instead of accusing my very innocent sister of a crime she did not commit on the basis that arson was a crime in her past. You accused her of committing arson in this town once already, and you were mistaken -- you attempted to throw the book at her before you even bothered to see if there was an explanation for the fire at Michael's house, and because of your incompetence, my sister and her boyfriend were both nearly killed. If this was a legitimate United States investigation, your department would be laughed at, before being stripped bare and disbanded. You people are an embarrassment to your uniform, and to the men and women who share your jobs.

I rarely ever curse, and I refuse to make it a habit, but in this instance, I have two very short words for Sunnydale, the police department, and the mayoral office. In short? Fuck. Off. I'm from Los Angeles. If any one of you steps forward to accuse my sister of wrong doing ever again, I will hire the most brutal legal defense team that I can, and before you know it, the Summers family will own the town of Sunnydale.
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