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Bridget ([personal profile] bmajor) wrote2011-12-19 02:14 am

Dean bought me a kitten :)

She's so sweet. I named her Artemis. She's a beautiful little Bengal with bright blue eyes and the loveliest little temperament. She was very fond of climbing under my chin and sitting over my heart. Apparently, the sound of a heartbeat calms them down, and reminds them of their mother. She's eight weeks old, so she was just taken from her mother, and it makes sense. She responds so eagerly, too -- she loves to be scratched at the base of her jaw, and she always curls up in my lap, or tries to climb into my arms when she sees me. Unfortunately, as it's unlikely that my mother will allow me to bring her back to the house, she's staying with Dean -- who was wonderful enough to buy her for me in the first place. 

Here she is:

I bought her a scratching post, and took this picture just as she was trying to make a run for the couch. Busted :)
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[personal profile] michaelczajak 2011-12-21 07:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Awww she's so cute, Bridget. :)