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 Happy New Year's Eve!

I can't wait for the Dingoes show tonight :)
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She's so sweet. I named her Artemis. She's a beautiful little Bengal with bright blue eyes and the loveliest little temperament. She was very fond of climbing under my chin and sitting over my heart. Apparently, the sound of a heartbeat calms them down, and reminds them of their mother. She's eight weeks old, so she was just taken from her mother, and it makes sense. She responds so eagerly, too -- she loves to be scratched at the base of her jaw, and she always curls up in my lap, or tries to climb into my arms when she sees me. Unfortunately, as it's unlikely that my mother will allow me to bring her back to the house, she's staying with Dean -- who was wonderful enough to buy her for me in the first place. 

Here she is:

I bought her a scratching post, and took this picture just as she was trying to make a run for the couch. Busted :)
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 My sister is one of the nicest, most thoughtful people on the planet. I genuinely don't understand why the Sunnydale Police Department seems intent on causing her grief. Is it because of the late Principal Snyder? Is it because of Angel, and what he did to Michael's house? 

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I rarely ever curse, and I refuse to make it a habit, but in this instance, I have two very short words for Sunnydale, the police department, and the mayoral office. In short? Fuck. Off. I'm from Los Angeles. If any one of you steps forward to accuse my sister of wrong doing ever again, I will hire the most brutal legal defense team that I can, and before you know it, the Summers family will own the town of Sunnydale.
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 Well, my first day at Sunnydale High didn't go quite as... expected. It was uncomfortable, really. 

This school isn't very friendly. Some people were downright rude to me. Perhaps they assumed I was Buffy, which is silly, because at the start of each class, the instructor specified that I was Bridget Summers. Even so, and even though Buffy may not want me to be, I am very protective of both of my sisters, and I will not tolerate any untoward behavior toward either of them. And though I don't know them very well, this extends toward their friends as well. I've known Dean and Sam Winchester for a few years, and am fairly certain that Dean and Sam can hold their own -- I don't think so highly of myself that I believe that they could benefit from me defending them. I will not stand idly by, however, should anyone badmouth them, especially not when Sam is dating Buffy. This Harmony Kendall girl that confronted me deserved every strike Buffy gave her.

And this Principal Snyder -- what sort of man is he that he could dislike children as much as he does, yet seeks employment in the educational system? What business does he even have working with teenagers? He's not fair, and I don't find it very comforting that I already dislike him a good bit. Are the vice principals aware of his attitude? Has anyone been able to speak to the superintendent about him?

On another note, Vice Principals Singer and Harvelle were very kind to me, though I only saw VP Singer for less than a minute. I also met Mr. Giles when I went to the library to retrieve my books -- VERY kind man.

Regardless of the way school goes, I'm very glad to be in Sunnydale. My father and his wife are... well, they weren't always around. And they certainly won't be anytime soon, what with their move. Despite accessibility to the internet and the phone, I still missed my mother, Buffy and Dawn very much, and though Dad's offer to move with them was tempting, I didn't want to ... I just wanted to stay here. I certainly don't regret this decision.


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